3 Must-Know Facts about Compatible Printer Cartridges

July 19, 2010 1 Comment

fun-factsPrinter manufacturers would most of the time, like to keep the consumers in their own market by giving out information that will make their products reliable and worth the high price.

It is not surprising to actually see high-priced HP printers or Canon printer cartridges because the makers always state how professionally built and dependable these items are. However, with the start of compatible printer cartridges that are less expensive than the OEMs, the original manufacturers felt worried for their revenues. So, stories and myths about the third party items started circulating, but there is more good news than those bad talks being spread. Here are 3 must-know facts about compatible printer cartridges that will make you think if you should stick to OEMs or do the switch.

1. Less Expensive Cartridges make Greater Savings

Remanufactured and even the more reliable compatible cartridges are way cheaper than the original items so you will save more on the price while getting greater printouts. The difference between these two is the process of manufacturing and the materials being used. While remanufactured ones recycle cartridges, compatible types are known to be like generic ones of the OEMs since these are new cartridges with reasonable prices.

2. No Harm on Printer Warranty

There are already laws made that actually state the right of third party products to be used by consumers. The original makers cannot claim that these items void a printer’s warranty as long as the compatible cartridge is made under the right circumstances and processes.

3. OEMs and Third Party Cartridges Have the Same Quality

Why not try doing the same printouts with different printer cartridge types to see if there are differences made? It has been proven that third party products have already reached the printing quality made by OEMs so you do not have to worry about sacrificing your prints.

Keep in mind that some issues remain as bad talks unless proven. For the case of compatible cartridges, all the myths have already been busted by most trusted stores like Tonerboss.com.

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