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A Complete Guide to HP 131A

February 13, 2016 No Comments

Hp 131As

The HP 131A, also known as CF210A, CF211A, CF212A, CF213A are consumables for the HP color laserjet Pro 200 series laser printers. These printer toner cartridges are known to deliver exceptionally good prints. Thus, widely being used for business documents, graphics, and images. In this article, we will go over and share everything you need to know about these popular cartridges.

Technical Specifications

The HP 131A are consist of four different color toner cartridges (black, cyan, yellow, magenta). They are mainly used for prints that involve photographs such as digital graphics, business presentations, and school homeworks.

Toner Cartridge Name: HP 131A
Print Technology: Color Laser
Part Nos. CF210A, CF211A, CF212A, CF213A
Cartridge Color(s): Black, Cyan, Yellow Magenta
Page Yield: Black up to 1600 pages, Each color up to 1800 pages (based on 5% coverage)

Compatible Printers

Home and Office Printer - HP

Image Source:

The HP 131A is designed to work with the following color laserjet printers: Color LaserJet Pro 200 M251nw, Color LaserJet Pro 200 M276nw, Color LaserJet Pro 200 M276n MFP, Color LaserJet Pro 200 M251n.

Installation Guide

Knowing how to install and replace your printer’s toner cartridges saves you time and money. Replacements comes in handy and are widely available online. It is always recommended to stock up on replacement cartridges to avoid printing interruptions. Follow these steps to replace the HP 131A toner cartridges:

Step 1 – Open the front door of the printer.
Step 2 – Pull out the toner cartridge drawer.
Step 3 – Remove the old toner cartridges. Grasp the handle on the toner cartridge and pull the toner cartridge and put them aside on top of scrap paper.
Step 4 – Unpack the new toner cartridges. Remove the packaging and any labels attached.
Step 5 – Shake each new cartridge to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge. To do this, hold the cartridge on both sides and gently shake it back and forth three to four times.
Step 6 – Remove the protector shield and pull out the sealing tape.
Step 7 – Insert the new toner cartridges. Make sure that the colors match the cartridge slot on the printer.
Step 8 – Close the toner cartridge drawer back into its original position and close the front door.

Alternative Options

HP 131a

At some point your cartridges will run out of toner and will need to be replaced. Shelling out hundreds of dollars for official toner cartridges is the most expensive thing you can do. But did you know that there are cost-effective ways to save money on your printing costs? Compatible and remanufactured HP 131a toner cartridges are now widely available in the market and they only cost about 50-60% lower than original ones. Using alternatives will not void your printer warranty. Contrary to what printer manufacturers say, they scare their customers that aftermarket toners don’t work or may break your printer. But the truth is, they make huge profit on toners that you will buy later on. If you want to see what the actual law states about using remanufactured toner over OEM feel free to check out the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act.

For your peace of mind, make sure you find a trusted, reliable vendor for all your toner purchases. This not only guarantees you trouble-free printing, but also it gives you high printing quality and decent page yields at an affordable price you deserve.

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