An Overview of HP LaserJet Printers: Their History and Technology

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laserjet printersOne of the iconic brand in the printing industry is the name “HP” otherwise known as the “Hewlett-Packard”, acclaimed for manufacturing the best printing machines for both home users and office users. Providing the greatest innovations and opening the doors to the emergence of new printing equipments with unique features and functionality, HP printers has been an in-demand choice for consumers seeking an ideal printing solution to fulfill their printing needs. As a matter of fact, one of their printing technologies that changed the printing industry was the release of their HP LaserJet Printer.

HP LaserJet Printer was the world’s first desktop laser printer to hit the market. Introduced in the year 1984 at about $3,500, the HP LaserJet Printer was ideally designed for printing letterhead correspondence, memorandums, financial spreadsheets and other business documents. This personal laser printer fit on a desktop and was able to deliver fast, letter-quality output with no noise.

The HP line of LaserJet Printers was accurately designed for high-quality print, could print horizontally and vertically in a variety of fonts and could produce graphics. Known also for its print speed and advanced functions such as their network support, application features and web-based features, the HP LaserJet Printers are no doubt an efficient and valuable investment.

HP LaserJet Printers typically have seven steps involved in its laser printing process: (1) raster image processing, (2) charging, (3) exposing, (4) developing, (5) transferring, (6) fusing and (7) cleaning. HP LaserJet Printers generally work just the same as other laser printers does, a laser beam projects the image of the page to be printed onto the electrically charged drum or organic photo-conductors. The process called photo-conductivity allows charge to leak away from the areas exposed to the light. The dry ink powder called toner are then electro-statically picked up by the drum’s charged areas, which have not been exposed to the light. The drum then prints the image onto paper by contact and heat, which fuses the toner to the paper.

Built with advanced features such as Automatic Switch On/Off, Wi-Fi and other network support, HP Smart Install, Mobile-Printing features, HP ePrint, supports Google Cloud Print and AirPrint to bring more convenience to its users.

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