Brother Drum Counter Resetting for DR420 Drum and other MFC Printers

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When a laser printer’s imaging drum has been replaced, the machine requires its drum counter to be reset. It is a process that comes after installing a replacement particularly the drum. Hence, most users especially the new ones are often looking for ways on how to reset the counter. To get yourself familiar with performing the reset procedure, refer on the instructions provided below.


When to reset the drum counter?

One of the possible sign is when your printer won’t stop telling you to replace the installed Brother DR420 drum even if you just replaced it with a new one. Since this replaceable component doesn’t have its own chip unlike most toner cartridges, there’s no way your machine can determine if you installed a new drum or not. Not unless you reset its counter.

Additionally, Brother laser printers need two consumables particularly the cartridges and drums. You have to take note that you can only reset the counter if and when a new drum has been installed and not the cartridge. If it happened that you perform the reset with the drum still capable to operate, it’s either you’ll have to replace it or the machine will no longer determine its available page capacity.

How to perform the drum counter resetting?

There are several resources online that can give you different approaches. It’s a good though, since you can try them all if you have the patience until you get the right one. But first we’ll have to give you the procedures recommended by Brother itself.

Brother Drum Counter Reset for MFC Printers


hl-Cpanel MFC-CPanel

Turn the unit ON, as always instructed in almost all resetting instructions. Then open the front door, the one that covers the consumables inside the machine.

With the cover still open, locate and press the Clear button, typically below the directional keys on the panel. Please be noted that with different Brother laser printer models, the Clear or Back button may be placed on a different location. But it’s basically noticeable as the red button.

Now to finally reset the counter, there are two options depending on the control panel of your printer. If there’s a numeric keypad as mentioned above, you may press 1. While if there’s only directional keys and no keypad, try pressing the Up Arrow. Either way will instruct the machine to reset the drum counter.

You’ll know when the process has been successfully executed once the screen displays a message that says Accepted. Lastly, close the front door and restart the machine to double check if the problem has been fixed.

Brother Drum Counter Reset for HL Printershl-Cpanel

Start with performing the same first step as the one provided above for MFC models.

hl_LEDWith the cover still open, locate and press the Go button (the green one next to Cancel) for not more than 5 seconds. Wait until the LED light indicators (Cover, Toner, Drum , Paper) are all lit up before releasing Go.

After you release the button, your machine should initiate drum counter resetting. Just wait for a couple of minutes until the printer returns to its ready state, and now you may close the front cover.

Upon performing the instructions above and restarting your unit, we certainly hope that it will work again like good as new.

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