Fixing Brother Printer Error Codes

August 30, 2010 2 Comments

printer errorBrother has a wide range of products and machines that include printers, fax machines, and multifunction printers. Even when these printers have already proved what they can do for a printer user, you cannot avoid the common printer error codes that can really be irritating for so here some of the common Brother printer error issues and troubleshooting tips too.

Common Brother Printer Error Codes

Error Code E50-Fuser Unit Damage:

This simply means that your heat roller is already damaged. All you have to do is to replace this part.

Error Code S05-Data Base Error:

The data transmission is affected by this error code. You just have to reboot your desktop and it will be fine afterwards.

“Machine Error” Issue:

This error is common to Brother Fax machines wherein the device will make that long beep sound. You can replace the joints on your machine then see if it the error will stop, if not you may have to change your capacitors over the board of the power supply too.

“Check Paper Path” Error Code:

When this error happens, just take out the paper hopper then clean the eject rollers of your Brother printer.

Error on “Poor Copy Quality”:

This error message usually appears when your Brother fax machine is a 900 series made from 1993 until 1994. Your faxed documents would have those gray spots so you must always do proper maintenance on the glass and scanning mirrors. If these are fine, the problem may be found in the camera. Try to keep it shut down and unplugged for a day and see if it will be better afterwards.

These are just some of the Brother printer error codes that you may experience with your Brother printer. If you have other printer problems, you can always share those to us and we’ll find a way to help you.

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