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Business Printing vs. Home Printing

May 2, 2012 No Comments

office printing home printingBusiness printing and home printing, ever heard of those two terms? You could have encountered these terms in your home, in the office or over the net. So what makes the other different from the other one. This article will provide you with an overview about the two terms: the printers suited for each setting, the productivity and almost everything that there are in each printing setting.

Business Printing

Business printing mainly refers to as printing documents in an office setting. It can also be referred to as office printing. Most documents that are printed in this settings are presentations, handouts, meeting notes and business letters.

  • The Right Printer for Business Printing

Laser printers are more preferable to use in this kind of environment. Compare to inkjet printers, laser printers are highly suitable in printing large bulk of office documents. Most businesses choose laser printers because of their fast printing speed as well as their ability to print 30-50 pages per minute. Aside from the speed, laser printers are durable with their capacity to produce large number of printouts, generally higher than those inkjet printers could produce.

Though laser printers cost higher than inkjet printers, laser printer supplies cost less for the reason that laser toner cartridges last more than inkjet cartridges.

  • How Many Printers Does an Office Need?

Specific business groups, such as sales or engineering, are likely to use printers more heavily than the others and need their printouts  on shorter deadlines, thus they are in need of more printers. Distributing printers properly is a prudent way to keep people out of each others workplace and from having to walk far to receive their printouts.

For a large work group, looking for a “networking feature” in a printer is a thing you should consider. Printers with networking support have the ability to support individual nodes that are connected to the printers’ routers so multiple computers can use it. Some even have wireless support, making it easier for other computers in the office to use it without the hassle of connecting cables.

  • Best Laser Jet Printers for your Office

According to CNET Reviews, two black-and-white laser printers suited for businesses made it to their Best Five Printers: the Brother HL-2270DW and HP Laserjet Pro P1606dn. These printers are fast and affordable that deliver high-quality results for a variety of documents.


Home Printing

Home Printing simply means printing documents in your own home hence the term. Most type of documents printed in this settings are school works, individual reports, invitations and of course, pictures.

  • The Right Printer for Home Printing

Since home printing requires colors unlike business printing, inkjet printers are the smartest choice. Though there are color laser printers, the latest versions of c0lor inkjet printers can produce better color images compare to the former.

Inkjet printers  are good for home use where there is a low quantity of printing needed. It became known as the common household printer. Though its printing speed is low,  its price is also reasonably low.

  • Perfect Picture Printing

Inkjet printers are ideal for printing photographs and other image documents with better quality than laser printers. It can also print onto many types of papers, from cheap papers to high-end glossy photograph papers.

It is perfect for users that enjoy printing colorful type of documents such as invitation cards, personal image printouts and cards.

  • Best Inkjet Printer Models for your Home

The Top 3 best inkjet printers for home use according to Top Ten Reviews are: (1) The Lexmark Prospect Pro205, (2) HP Officejet Pro 8000 and (3) Canon Pixma iP4920.


Tonerboss currently has an exclusive supply of quality cartridges both remanufactured and compatible suitable for these models and brands, letting you save more money without sacrificing your printouts’ quality.

We are your reliable online provider of HP toners, toner cartridges for other printer brands and printer supplies at the most affordable prices.


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