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Know Your Laser Print Media

May 4, 2010 No Comments

When you replace your ink cartridge, you can change the way your printer will function depending on the type of ink or toner that you purchased. To give a total variation on the way a printer works, you may replace some parts and even do certain maintenances.

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Saving Toners and Papers at Home Office

April 28, 2010 No Comments

Toners and papers—the most valuable things needed when using the printer—may sometimes run out without warning you. This is appropriate for almost all working spaces including home office. Handling such problems is a hassle when you are in a hurry. So how do you save these materials in your home office?

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Tips on Using a Bluetooth Enabled Printer

April 27, 2010 1 Comment

Technology is very strong and growing at present that even the wired appliances before can now be used without those long cables. These items function through a Bluetooth device that sends signals to communicate with the other devices connected. If you would think of machines that can function by Bluetooth, maybe you’ll imagine of electronic […]

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How to Make a Good Flyer Design

February 1, 2010 No Comments

Giving out flyers is one way of marketing and promoting your business. Yes, at one point or another, almost all types of businesses would require a good flyer design. So what are the factors that you should consider when coming up with good flyer design?

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How to Deal with Missing or Corrupt HP Printer Driver

January 29, 2010 No Comments

To borrow a famous line from a movie, life is indeed like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get. One day your printer is running fine and the next day, it wouldn’t respond. Although HP is a trusted name in the printer industry, the branding does not guarantee that you will not encounter any problems with their products one such common problem is the system cannot detect the HP Printer Driver or the system says that the printer driver has been corrupted.

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Why Companies Should Buy Printer Cartridges in Bulk

January 28, 2010 No Comments

Perhaps it happened already: you or your team is pressed for time. You finished the report but it has to be printed so you can distribute it to the attendees to the meeting. In the middle of printing your document, the printer ink or toner runs out. What do you? Ask the personnel in charge of supplies. Worse comes to worst when the person tells you they had ran out of stock of printer ink or toner cartridges.

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