Child-Friendly Computer Projects

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Most of the time, the computer and printer are considered to be working tools for the adults. Others won’t even allow their kids to touch these devices because they might create problems. However, let us consider some ways to make computers child-friendly and fun. It can also be a bonding moment for the family.

So here are ways to make kids admire computer projects.

1. Coloring Pages

Ask your child to join you in searching for simple pages on the Internet that you can print and color together. Don’t worry about the ink consumption because you can always adjust the printing by using the draft style.

2. Calendar

If you have teenagers who are searching for family bonding, try making calendars. There are various templates available online so you can enjoy searching. Print those pages that you wish to use then create designs on them.

3. Make Stickers

Some stores sell sticker papers that you can print on with your own designs. Ask your child to draw pictures or select images online. These can be parts of your sticker and then print them and stick on your things for fun.

4. Origami

This is a very creative and fun activity. Search for origami designs and styles then try to create them with your kids. Print the instructions for convenience especially for the children.

5. Paper Dolls

Little girls love to play with dolls, so why not try creating your own paper dolls? You can draw on paint or any drawing software then have your child add details to it. After making your doll, you can print it and dress it up.

Computers and printers equipped with good inks and toners can also be used for fun moments and child-friendly activities. So once in a while, do creative projects with your children with the help of these devices.

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