Cleaning Ink Cartridge Stains on Your Hands

November 17, 2010 No Comments

ink stainThere are times when replacing your ink cartridge can be very stressful especially when it will leave unwanted stains on your clothes or even on your hands.

Although this would normally happen when you buy laser toner cartridges or ink cartridges that are of low quality, mishandling and improper installation can also cause this problem. So what will you do with that ink stain on your hand? Before trying to wipe it out and transfer the stain on your clothes, try these tips first.

1. The Water Trick

Of course, it would be helpful if you get soap and start scrubbing that ink stain off your hand while you are washing your hands. If you have a steel wool, you can also use this to add force on removing that stain without hurting yourself.

2. The Hair Spray Trick

If you have hair spray on your things for grooming, you may want to try spraying some of it on the stained part of your hand. Then, gently rub that part and see if the stain will be removed.

3. The Soap Trick

Lava soap can also work if the first two will not. Keep in mind though that you may do this if the ordinary soap just won’t help you take away that stain.

4. The Brush Trick

Get a brush and brush it off. Although avoid doing it vigorously or you might just irritate your skin. Do it while dipping your hand in a tub of water.

5. The Bleach Trick

Make this your last option because bleach can be harmful if you apply too much on your skin. So if nothing works, mix a part of bleach and ten parts of water on a container or basin then dip a cloth in it. Wipe the dipped cloth on the stained part of your hand but do not prolong it to avoid burns.

So maybe one or two from this tricks can actually take off that ink stain on your skin so just be patient in trying. Also, remember to always buy your printer cartridges from trusted stores to avoid any printing problem and skin problem too.

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