Cleaning the Drum Cartridge of Your Laser Printer

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drum cartridgeLaser printers is the most common type of printing device you’ll normally encounter in any business environment, be it from a starting business up to those well-established ones. For a good reason, laser printers are considered to be ideal with its fast printing speed and capability to print high-volume of documents in a flash compared to inkjet printers. And even though, laser printers cost higher as a single unit, when it comes to its on-going expense, no doubt, you’ll save more. This is because laser printers use toner cartridges as its printer consumables. These printer cartridges contain dry ink powder usually composed of carbon melt-mixed with polymer that are melted by the heat of the photo-receptor drums to bind it to the paper and produce an actual image or output during its printing process.

Photo-receptor drums more commonly known as “drum cartridges” are those revolving drums in your laser printers. Often confused with toner cartridges, drum cartridges play a different role than toner cartridges. Toner is actually released from its own cartridge to the drum, the laser draws an exact image of the data to it and the drum itself is the one that prints the image to the paper. ¬†With this in mind, drum cartridges need to be clean occasionally for your laser printer to be able to produce consistent, high-quality printouts.

To help you with such task, here are the steps on how you can easily clean your laser printer’s drum cartridge without breaking a sweat:

  1. First, turn off your laser printer, unplug its power cord and let it still for an hour or two, allowing the heat fusers or the photo-receptor drum to cool down. This will avoid any unwanted burns you can get from cleaning your laser printer after it had just been used.
  2. Open the front casing of your laser printer. There are diverse models of laser printers, but most of them could be open by pulling up on the front lid. You could always refer to the printer’s manual to make sure.
  3. Third, for safety measure, wear on a mask and gloves, in mind that the toner particles can cause some health problems when inhaled. Using a Phillips screwdiver, remove the screws holding the drum into place. These screws are usually located at either end of the drum. Pull the the internal release latch on the right side of the drum, and carefully pull out the drum cartridge out of your printer and place it aside on a paper towel. For vertical drums
  4. Get a paper towel or rag,  moisten it with acetone and thoroughly wipe down the drum. There will be some built-up ink on the drum and this may take several attempts to get it fully clean.
  5. Allow the drum to dry completely before returning it to your laser printer. Make sure to hold it in place while locking down the release switch of the lever. After it is locked in place, you may put the screws back into place and close the printer.

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