Color Printing Does Matter

January 8, 2010 2 Comments

Color printer cartridges, whether ink or toner, may be more expensive than black printer cartridges but color printing matters especially in your business. TonerBoss jots down some of the most important reasons why you should consider printing your documents in full color.

1. Catch the Attention of Your Intended Audience.

Businesses should pay attention to this. Supposing that you submit a proposal or a letter of request to a client or to another business, wouldn’t you like your document to stand out among the pile? If your answer is a resounding yes, then the easiest and cheapest way to do this is to print your documents in color. For example, make the client or business name noticeable by putting it in bold or different font color. Well, vanity is everyone’s favorite sin (as they say) and when other businesses see their names in big or colored fonts, they’ll like it and will most likely pick up your document. Also, people (including you, I’m sure) tend to look at colorful print ads. Colors can catch the attention of your intended audiences. No matter how well-written your documents is would not matter if it cannot catch the attention or perk the interest of your audience.

2. Highlight important points or information.

Colored fonts are usually used to emphasize the important points or information in your documents so that the reader can easily pick them out. The proposal you have submitted to a client may not be read thoroughly especially if you’re not the only one submitting a proposal. The one who reads or studies the proposal will most likely scan your document so it will be better to highlight your important ideas and points to ensure that the reader sees them immediately.

3. Communicate with Your Intended Audience Visually.

Most of us learn more from visual information. In fact, children like toddlers and pre-schoolers learn more through what they see. This implies that it is important to ensure that you are able to fully engage your audience via visual communication. How do you do this? It’s simple. Just highlight your main points by changing their font color. You can also include graphics like diagrams and charts to make it easier for them to understand and to see the importance of what you are trying to tell them. Graphics like images and charts are more attractive when done with color printing. Isn’t it more engaging and catchy to see a pie chart or a bar graph in color than in grayscale? This is a better way to impart information to visual learners instead of writing texts.

Phot Taken from the Slashgear Website

Photo Taken from the Slashgear Website

4. Help increase your sales and ROI.

According to CraigsList, items or services that are advertised with colored graphics can sell faster and can make more money.

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