Deep Secrets of Printers

June 22, 2010 No Comments

secretSometimes when you think you have the best printer in the world, something suddenly happens to it that disappoints you like spending too much on its printer cartridges or having limited features to use. So here are some of the secrets hidden by printers that you can think about before buying a new one.

1. Cheap printers can cause a lot on its cartridges.

Getting a less expensive printer can actually create greater expenses for you in some parts like having to fill it with costly ink or toner cartridges. One way to avoid this is try remanufactured cartridges or compatible toners. The remanufactured ones are made of recycled parts while the compatible types are almost brand new and can perform just like the original cartridges.

2. Small cartridges might spend more on page cost.

Obviously, when the printer cartridge has a small capacity, the cost of every printing page would be higher. If it’s for personal use, you may not notice this, but when you do a lot of printing you will realize that you’ve spent so much for your printer.

3. Problems on papers.

Although almost all printers work with regular paper, it may be troublesome to be stuck with a printer that only wants high quality papers. So, check on this detail too when deciding on a printer.

4. Printing speed is always a factor.

When it comes to a busy office or tons of documents to be made, the printing speed of a printer can be a very important. There are a lot of reviews on famous printers that calculate the print speed so check those out.

5. The tray for your paper.

Paper trays are very convenient to avoid manual feeding on your printer. It is good to look at how many sheets of paper can a certain printer’s paper tray hold for your printing needs.

A lot of items have their deepest secrets hidden when for sale, but after sometime these come out to surprise the owners. So make sure to read every detail about what you are buying especially when it is going to be a part of your life, like the computer and printer.

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