Different Fonts that Saves you Printer Ink & Toner

August 31, 2009 5 Comments

Different Fonts that Saves you Printer Ink & Toner One of the areas that can help consumers save on printer ink and toner is the different fonts used in printing. And sadly, it is oftentimes overlooked. Budget-conscious users can squeeze the last drop of their ink or toner if they know the most economical font to use.

You might have heard of Ecofont. Ecofont is a font style developed to increase environmental awareness. This font saves ink because tiny blank circles are placed in the character. These circles do not consume ink and done without affecting the readability of the said character. It was said that this font uses up to 20% less ink.

However, the most economical among different fonts is said to be Century Gothic. It covers the average piece of paper at only 3.45% total ink coverage. Arial is the most common font used in documents. It covers the average piece of paper slightly higher at 4.97% coverage.

It can be concluded then that fancier fonts use more inkĀ  when printed, not to mention consume additional paper. Other different ways to save on printer ink & toner and paper is by using smaller font sizes and avoiding the bold styles.

There are over a hundred of different fonts that can be used in a document. But these three fonts can save printer users money in printing consumables.


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