Easy Tips to Repair Different Printer Errors

April 7, 2011 No Comments

fix_your_own_printerPrinters can be your best buddies or worst enemies when it comes to your printing needs. These machines tend to be moody at times and there are instances when various printer errors happen in the middle of your printing. Still, you do not have to worry much.

Most printers normally have the same similar problems that you can easily fix as long as you know what is causing the error. So, whether it is from the laser toner cartridge or inkjet printer cartridge that you have just installed, or a missing driver, here are some easy tips that you can perform to troubleshoot a printer error.

When it comes to the printer problem, you will instantly know if it is a common or unique one. The usual errors are the paper jam and low on ink or toner.

To fix a paper jam, turn off your printer then unplug it. Slowly pull the paper out to avoid damaging the rollers. Some printers also have a back cover that you can open to check if the paper can be removed from that part.

For the lack of printer cartridges, you can still continue printing until you have consumed everything but be sure that you have already ordered for new printer supplies to avoid delays in printing.

Another printer problem could be found on the driver, which must be updated so that the printer can properly function. You can use a driver update software that would easily install the right drivers on your printer in just a few minutes.

It will still be best for you to always maintain your printer to avoid any printer error. Take time to read its manual and also use the printer cleaning tools that you have to keep your machine in good condition.

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