Fix an Unrecognized Compatible Cartridge

June 3, 2010 1 Comment

unrecognized cartridgeCompatible cartridges are commonly used by printer users who want to save on their ink or toner budget. These cartridges are made by third party companies that assure their customers with high quality products at a lower price. Sometimes, a printer may not recognize a compatible cartridge when it is installed. Here are a few tips on handling this printer problem.

1. Follow instructions.

It’s as simple as it says. Always follow what is on the manual to avoid problems especially when installing a compatible cartridge on your printer. This is also very helpful for those first time users of this alternative item.


2. Prevent air bubbles and blocked heads.

If you have printers with inbuilt print heads, always keep the cartridges topped up when refilling to avoid air bubbles and blocked heads. Some of these printers are made by Lexmark, Hewlett-Packard, and Canon.

3. Use your printer.

When a printer is not working for a long time, it might have problems so make sure to use it at least once a week. Also, turn it off when not in use to avoid the heads being exposed in the air. You can also do a test page whenever replacing your cartridges to allow the printer and the new cartridge to work together.

4. Broken circuit.

If you installed your cartridge properly and it does not work, maybe there is a broken circuit on the cartridge. So make sure that before buying one, you examine every part of it.

5. Cartridge not recognized for the second time.

Some printers, like those made by Hewlett-Packard, do not recognize compatible cartridges even if it has been installed for the second time. You can contact the HP customer center for this problem.

6. Refilling all cartridges.

Some Canon printers require all cartridges to be refilled at the same time so make sure to consume all your inks or toners before replacing these. You also get to save when you finish everything in your cartridge.

7. Specific cartridge for a specific printer.

Remember that there are specific cartridges for specific printers so know what cartridge your printer uses to avoid hassle in purchasing.

Keep in mind these tips and you won’t have too many troubles in using compatible cartridges.

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