Fixing Common Samsung Error Codes to Make Great Prints

September 28, 2010 No Comments

printer errorSamsung printers are known to be excellent but expensive machines too. However, if you use a compatible Samsung laser toner cartridge for your printer, you can have savings and great prints at the same time.

But what if your reliable Samsung printer starts to be a monster and does not act the way it should? You do not have to panic since here is a list of the common Samsung error codes and how you can manage these with just a few clicks of your fingers.

1. Paper Jam

Check the sensor which usually on the side of exit rollers. You can try wiping or fixing it, but if these don’t work you may go for the option of replacing the sensor.

2. Incomplete Print

You may have forgotten to change the paper size on the print settings so the printer lacked some parts when you printed. Check that part again then you can try printing again.

3. The H2 Error

This error is telling you that the fuser is warming up. Check all your connections and be sure that every cable is properly inserted then try printing again.

4. The Error 16

Your compatible Samsung laser toner cartridge may have reached its limit. To be sure, take the cartridge off then gently shake it and do your printouts again. If the printing remains the same, you may need to purchase new printer cartridges instead.

These are the basic Samsung error codes that you can encounter when you own a Samsung printer, but you do not have to worry too much because most of the time you can handle those printer problems in a jiffy.

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