Fonts That Can Annoy You and Your Printer

April 11, 2011 2 Comments

fontsPrinting could differ in many ways, because there are many fonts that can be used when creating files. Now that there are printer users who want to become more eco-friendly with their printing, economical fonts have been made for you, your printer, and its laser toner or inkjet printer cartridge will love. But is there such thing as annoying fonts?

Well, of course there is a list of often disliked font types that can be found everywhere on the internet. The common reasons why you would actually dislike a typeface is the lack of focus on the content, overused format, and the font being used at the improperly. Also, a good reason for your printer to hate a certain font type is because it consumes a lot of laser toner or printer ink which can be costly nowadays.

So, which font made it to the list? Is your favorite type hated by many? Here’s a quick view of those fonts that can irritate you and your printing machine too.

1. Comic Sans: This font has been hated for a back since the year 2002, which even caused the creation of the It has a childish look. Sometimes, you may even consider using it but later find out that it can ruin your entire project.

2. Times New Roman: Surprisingly, this font is one of the most common fonts used, but actually hated by many. It seems that when you are reading an article online that has this particular typeface, you may find a hard time focusing on what you are reading in front of you. Well, that’s for some who dislike this type.

3. Papyrus: This font actually makes your file look like it’s been taken from the pages of an old book. Maybe, that is why it has entered this list of disliked fonts. It’s seems like it has been overused and looks boring for some. Still, this typeface could still fit a certain document that wants to express itself in a particular way.

There are still other font types that can be hated by many, but loved by some. However, one thing is for sure, it would always be best to use a typeface which can offer benefits for you, your printer, and your reader.

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