Get Perfect Photos from Camera Phones

June 18, 2010 No Comments

camera-phonesAlmost everyone owns a cellphone now because it has become a need rather than just a hi-tech device. Just like any other item that changes its features, a cellphone has grown to be a camera phone that can capture images in an instant.

Sometimes you can even print it directly just by sending the image to a printer (with high quality printer cartridges of course). However, you cannot capture perfect moments with a camera phone if you do not know how to handle it carefully. So here are a few tips in getting the right photos from a camera phone.

1. Use light whenever possible.

There are camera phones that do not have built-in flash to support the images being shot. This can cause darkness on the picture so make sure to take it in a room or place with enough light.

2. Do not move.

Blurry photos are usually caused by shaky hands so be sure to maintain a good grip on your camera phone. If you can’t really keep it still, you can place it on a sturdy table then use the timer settings when available.

3. Learn everything about your phone.

Avoid being shocked with sudden changes on your images by having time to study the settings of your camera phone. It is best that you know every detail that it can do to a stored picture.

4. Apply the necessary settings.

There are different settings or modes for a certain shot so try to use these to see the output of your camera phone. It won’t cause too much trouble if you experiment on your shots as long as you save the one that you really like.

5. Take a second look on wrong shots.

Sometimes when a mistake is made on an image, you tend to delete it at once. Well, maybe it won’t hurt to take a second look on it. Transfer it in a computer and see if the image looks better there than on the camera phone.

Taking photos will always be a part of enjoying moments so make sure that you are ready at all times. Now that camera phones are common, it is more convenient to have a record of something worth capturing. After that, have it printed by using compatible toner cartridges that are low in price yet great in printing.

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