Getting the Last Drop from your Compatible Ink Cartridge

September 27, 2010 No Comments

Printing is done by almost anyone whether it is for office or just for personal use so owning an inkjet printer can be good at times. However, inkjet printers are known to suddenly run out of printer inks when you need it the most.

So what if you are caught in that situation wherein you are rushing to finish that paperwork then your printer or desktop rather, tells you that your compatible ink cartridge is already empty or almost drained? Well, here are some quick tips that you can try to squeeze out every last drop from your compatible printer ink.

First, you must know which printer cartridge is being described as empty or low on ink. Turn off your printer then remove that cartridge. Give it some shaking then put it back in your printer. Now, try if your printouts will be made. If not, here is another tip for you.

Take some clear and clean Scotch tape then place it on top of the gold or copper plates on your ink cartridge. Be careful though because the plate part is quite sensitive so do not touch it with your bare hands. Now, put it back in your printer then print again. Unfortunately, if these two tips did not work for you, here is the last one that you can try too.

Maybe your ink just dried up so take that compatible ink cartridge then use a blow drier to air it for a few minutes then go ahead and finish your printing.

Hopefully, any of these tricks will work for your case but if not, I suggest you get a replacement. Always go for compatible inkjet cartridges since these are affordable and high quality consumables too.

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