Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

May 6, 2010 No Comments

tb-mother's dayNow that Mother’s Day is fast approaching, a lot are busy on thinking and wondering what to give their mothers. Anything, as long as it comes from the heart, would be loved and treasured by a sweet mom, but what if you want to put efforts into it? Well, here are some unique gift ideas that we can suggest.

1. Wordle Project

A wordle is a piece of text which has been rearranged into a visual pattern of words. This is very easy to do because you just need to list words that describe your mother. Then, do them in a unique pattern for creativity. After that, you can print it (make sure to use quality inks and toners) and place it inside a picture frame to be displayed.

2. Loving a Mom Card

This project could be a very sentimental one because you get to say why you love your mother. First, ask someone to take a picture of you (you can do any pose that you want) then transfer the image to your computer. Next, use MS Powerpoint or Adobe Photoshop to create a card-like design. Just open the image and place texts beside it with the lines, “I love my mom because.., I love it when she…, She gives me…, She is the best mom because…,” Just add the other details and you can now print it after with your desired size.

3. My Mother’s Collage

This example uses pop art to create a collage, but you must also have Picasa software that will allow you to edit the images that you need to use. The first step is to collect different images of your mother. After that, apply effects on each picture then you can open all the images on Picasa. Apply the collage feature from this software and your photos will be turned into a solid picture with collage format. Lastly, you can already print it using quality papers and inks or toners too.

Try some of these ideas to create unique but special gifts for Mother’s Day because you do not have to spend much to show your love for your parents on this special day.

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