Green Printing Tip: Formatting Fonts to Print Less

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Apart from patronizing remanufactured or recycled ink and laser toner cartridges, there are other measures that you can do or adopt to contribute to green printing. In this blog, we will be discussing on the formatting of fonts on your documents and other files for printing. Yes, things as simple as the fonts that you use can either contribute or neglect green printing.

Formatting the files that you need to print can save more than just trees. Clearly, formatting the files or printer setting does not only save on paper but also on other resources like ink or toner and energy.

Here are some of the tips you need to remember:

  • Selecting the right font and the right font size can allow you to maximize the amount of characters in a page. This, in turn, reduces the amount of pages that you have to print.

  • It will also be worth it to keep in mind to choose a font that is not very wide. For example, the Courier type of font has wide letters so that each word typed will occupy bigger spaces on the page. Try Arial Narrow to see the difference, narrower font types can help increase the amount of words per page.

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  • As much as possible, avoid typing with boldface fonts because this does not only consume more ink or toner, it also takes up more spaces on the page. In both cases, you do not only save on the number of pages consumed when the document is printed. You also get to save on your ink or toner as well as on other resources like time and electricity.

So the next time you feel the need to print, if the document still has to be encoded then type it in 12-point Times New Roman. Once you’re finish encoding, highlight all the text then change the font size or the font type until you find something smaller and more readable.

Experimenting or browsing through the different types and sizes of fonts can be fun, not to mention it also encourages responsible green printing.

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