How Konica Minolta Printers Became Known in Image Printing

October 5, 2010 1 Comment

konica minoltaThrough the years, Konica Minolta printers have already showed what image printing is all about. With its wide choices of Konica Minolta printing machines and Konica Minolta laser toner cartridges, the image world had strongly changed and advanced to what it is now.

But how did the Konica Minolta name make it to its position right now? Let’s take a quick tour on its history and see where its roots have come from.

The Beginning

The period of 1873 to 1973 has been the time for the start and growth of Konica Minolta’s career. Its own production of camera and film also began then which gave Konica Minolta the opportunity to really show what photography was all about. Since then, it became an international brand that connected with America and Europe.

The Present

Even though Konica Minolta products have already gained customers and the interest of other people who felt photography as their passion, it still continued to exceed what it has already done. The start of Konica Minolta photocopiers was on the year 1983 then came next the CD players and SLR cameras. After several years, Konica Minolta also entered the production of laser toner cartridges that will suit its printers. Nevertheless it did not end there because in 2005, inkjet printers with the label of Konica Minolta also sprung in the printing industry.

Now, Konica Minolta has created an edge on multifunction printers with the help of PRO C65hc which is known to be a high-chroma and high-speed digital printing device. But this is not the the end for Konica Minolta because surely it still has a lot of surprises for those printer users and image lovers all over the world.

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