Steps in Changing the Lexmark T-650 Computer Chip (Video Tutorial)

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The Lexmark T-650 (T650H21A) toner cartridge is a printer consumable that replaces OEM parts T650H21A, T650A21A and T650A11A. It is compatible with Lexmark T650 laser printer series, Lexmark T652 series, Lexmark T654 laser printers, Lexmark T656 and Lexmark T656dne laser printer. The Lexmark T-650 (T650H21A) toner cartridge also has a printing page capacity of up to 25,000 pages, and is available for its OEM price of $459.97 but can be bought for only $135 at

If you happen to own one Lexmark printer that belongs to the series of printers mentioned above then perhaps you have encountered the situation wherein your printer had a problem in recognizing a newly installed cartridge. Of course, you’d think the problem lies on the cartridge but actually is not, it’s because of the smart chip installed in the toner cartridge. These smart chips is actually a component that sends information to your printer about the level of the toner inside the cartridge.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to help you in regard with this matter by teaching you the steps in changing the Lexmark T-650 toner cartridges’ chip. We even provided you with this video for your ease.

How to Change the Lexmark T-650 Computer Chip

  • Things You’ll Need: Screwdriver and new chip
  • Step 1 – Carefully open the front panel of your Lexmark printer then take out the toner cartridge and locate the smart chip. It usually can be found at the side of the toner cartridge.
  • Step 2 – Remove the chip using the screwdriver and replace it with the new chip. (Refer to the video and note the orientation of the old chip.)
  • Step 3 –  Place the Lexmark T-650 toner cartridge back to your printer. Make sure you hear a certain click, this is a sign that the toner cartridge is properly set on the toner tray.
After that, let the printer’s initialization proceed, then refresh your computer system and go to your printer’s setup program to check out if the machine had finally recognized the toner cartridge. If it did then you can continue printing documents and files. For more video tutorials on printer how-to’s, you can visit TonerBoss Official Youtube Page.

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