How to Clean Your HP Toner Cartridges

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clean hp toner cartridgesHP toner cartridges are the printer consumables used by your HP laser and multifunction printers to produce tangible outputs of your digital documents, photographs and worksheets stored in your computer’s memory. These HP toner cartridges, unlike HP inkjet cartridges, contain a fine dry ink powder instead of liquid ink usually found in inkjet cartridges. This powder is usually a mixture of plastic particles, carbon and other coloring agents, which is transferred to the paper through an electro-statically charged drum unit and fused onto the paper by the printer’s heated rollers during the printing process.

These HP toner cartridges can be quite expensive that’s why its prudent for printer users to know how they can use these cartridges to the fullest. One way of doing so is by maintaining the cleanliness of your HP toner cartridges. And if you’re curious to how you can manage cleaning it all by yourself then you stumbled upon the right article. Here, we’re going to give these easy steps on how you can easily clean those HP toner cartridges in your laser printers.

  1. First, turn off the your HP laser printer and make sure to unplug its power cord. Let the laser printer cool off for an hour before proceeding, making sure that the heat rollers or photo-receptor drums have already cooled down to avoid any burns.
  2. Second, put on a face mask and wear latex gloves before starting. These will protect you against the toner’s chemicals and from inhaling it. Take note that toner are considered to have some health effects comparable to inert dust. It can be an irritant to people with respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.
  3. Open the toner compartment and carefully pull the HP toner cartridge out of it. Place the cartridge aside on a safe place and wipe its outer shell with a dry rag.
  4. Insert the nozzle of a small portable vacuum cleaner into the cartridge compartment and vacuum any spilled toner or paper dust inside the unit. Be careful not to disconnect any of the machine’s internal component with the vacuum nozzle.
  5. Use a small brush to gently dislodge any remaining toner from the corners and edges of the toner compartment then vacuum the second time to remove those particles. You can also use a can of compressed air for this job.
  6. Replace the HP toner cartridge back to the toner tray then close and latch the cover before plugging it and switching it on.
  7. Wipe up any toner residue from your work area with a rag.

Sources: EHow Tech

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