How to Clean Your Printer

May 12, 2011 4 Comments

Summer is fast approaching and spring will be ending soon…but have you done “spring cleaning” on your printer?

There are actually several types and models of printers and each of these may require a different method for cleaning. So if you’re planning to clean your printer, we suggest that you consult the printer manual first for the instructions.

What we can offer right now is a general guideline on how you can make your printer “spic n span”:

How to Clean a Printer (Reproduced from

1. Prepare a few cotton balls or swabs and moisten this with distilled or filtered water. We do not recommend the use of tap water because this may contain contaminants or minerals that can cause damage like rusting to some printer parts.

2. Get some coffee filters. You can use these to absorb the residual ink in the ink cartridge cradle.

3. Open the cover of the printer. Make sure that the printer is plugged. You do not need to turn it on, you just need to plug it so that when you open the cover, the cartridge moves to the center.

4. Once the cartridge has moved to the center, unplug the printer and remove the cartridge. Just make sure not to expose the cartridge for more than half an hour to prevent it from drying.

5. Wipe the face and edges of the cartridge with moist cotton ball. Wipe off the dust and dirt but be careful not to touch the nozzle plate though.

6. Clean the service station of your printer. This is usually located near the On/Off button with a lint-free moist cloth.

7. Fold the coffee filter into quarters and insert it on the cartridge cradle.  Push it back so it goes to the front of the rollers. Move the cradle back and forth gently so that the coffee filter can absorb the residues. Continue with doing this until there are no more residues.

8. Put the cartridge back and turn on the printer. Run a test print to make sure that the printer is functioning properly.

Having a clean printer can definitely help improve your print quality.

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