How to Clear “Toner Low” / “Replace Toner / “Toner Ended” on Brother Laser Printers

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It is indeed frustrating when your Brother printer stops and refuses to print displaying warning messages like “Toner Low”, “Replace Toner”, and “Toner Ended”. These are one of the common issues on Brother laser printers when you have just replaced the old toner cartridge. In some cases, these errors start to show when the printer still hasn’t reached the estimated page yield. In this article, we will share the solutions to clear these errors but first, let’s determine the cause in order to resolve the problem.

The “Toner Low”, “Replace Toner”, and “Toner Ended” messages will appear on the display if any one of the following occurs:

– The toner cartridge is reaching its end of life and needs to be replaced.
– The developer roller has reached its upper limit of rotations.

This message will not clear from the display if:

– The replacement toner cartridge is not installed properly.
– A starter toner cartridge is installed as a replacement toner cartridge.
– A toner cartridge from another machine or a used toner cartridge is installed as a replacement toner cartridge.

When you purchase a brand new Brother laser printer, a starter toner cartridge is always provided on the new machine. The page yield of a starter toner cartridge may vary from 1,000 to 1,500 pages depending on cartridge model, printer model and coverage of printed pages. The printer has a built-in, programmed toner counter that acts as a sensor to estimate the number of printed pages. If your printer refuses to print and shows “Low Toner”, “Replace Toner” messages, it is more likely that the sensor has detected that your toner is about to go empty. You can still extend the life of the toner cartridge and print at least 100 to 200 pages depends on your print requirements. Just follow the toner counter reset procedure below.

To clear the “Toner Low” message, follow these steps:

For DCP/MFC series laser printer models:

1. With the printer turned on, simply open the front cover.
2. Screen will display “Front Cover is Open”.
3. Press the “Clear” button.
3. Screen will say “Replace Drum?” “1. Yes 2. No”
5. Do not press “1”. Instead, type in “*00″ on the keypad. (Star zero zero)
6. Screen will say “Accepted”. Close the front cover and it will reset the low toner message.

For HL series laser printer models:

1. Open the front cover.
2. Turn off the printer.
3. While holding down the “GO” button, turn the printer back on.
4. When all four LED lights up, release “GO” button. All LED lights will turn off.
5. Press the “GO” button 2 times. The 3 LEDs (toner, drum, paper) will light up solid.
6. Press the “GO” button 5 times.
7. Paper light will be blinking.
8. At this point, the toner counter has been reset. Close front door.

* Timing is important here so don’t pause between button presses.

Alternatively, you can enable the “Toner Continue Mode” on the printer. This will force the machine to continue printing beyond the toner’s estimated page yield. Poor quality output may occur as you will print beyond the rated life of the toner cartridge.

To enable Continue Mode, please follow the steps below:

Press MENU and choose General Setup => Replace Toner.

Use the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Continue and then press OK.


To disable Continue Mode, please follow the steps below:

Press MENU and choose General Setup => Replace Toner.

Use the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to choose Stop and then press OK.


If none of these methods work, you might as well get a replacement toner cartridge. A brand new toner cartridge should clear the errors as it is manufactured with a reset lever that moves when installed into the machine and triggers a notification that a new cartridge has been installed. This mechanically triggers the machine to reset the error message.

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