How To Extend the Life of Your Brother Toner Cartridge

June 2, 2011 5 Comments

Would you believe that a simple masking tape can help extend the life of your Brother toner cartridge? Yes you can even if your printer is already telling you that the cartridge is empty. With the high price of original Brother toner cartridges today, you cannot afford to neglect this simple technique that I will going to teach you.

Remove your toner cartridge from your printer and look at the two “tiny windows” on each side of the cartridge. These windows allow the printer to “see” if the toner is getting low. If you cover these two windows with opaque tape (electrical or masking tape), you can fool the printer into thinking there is more toner inside. Most of the time, there is plenty more.

Covering the "window" with masking tape.

You will find similar windows in the drum unit of your cartridge. If you cover one of the drum unit windows with tape, you don’t need to tape the windows on your toner cartridge. Since light can damage the drum, it is best to work in dim light when working with it. However, brief exposure to ordinary indoor light is usually not damaging to the drum.

After taping the windows either in the cartridge or drum unit, you may be able to print hundreds of extra pages more. However, you will have to watch for fading, streaking, and other print defects that indicate a lack of toner. If these print defects happen, you will need to refill the cartridge or buy a replacement. Consider buying compatible Brother toner cartridges which are less expensive than OEM cartridges. These cartridges provide excellent print quality and decent page yield. TonerBoss provides high quality compatible Brother toner cartridges at affordable prices.

Take note that this tutorial can be used to exceed the life of other cartridge brands such as Xerox print cartridges, Lexmark toner cartridges, and HP toners.

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