How To Extend the Life of Your HP Ink Cartridges

May 16, 2011 3 Comments

If you own an HP inkjet printer, you probably know that ink cartridges are not cheap items to purchase on a regular basis. In fact, you would rather purchase a new printer rather than a set of new ink cartridges simply because you think it is cheaper to do so. However, buying a new printer rather than replacing the cartridges every time you run out of ink is not only silly but  totally wasteful. Instead of buying new printer, it would be better to find ways to extend the life of your HP printer cartridges so you would be able to use them much longer. Below are useful tips on how to extend the life of your ink cartridges.

  • To conserve ink, don’t print test pages if it is not necessary. Try printing a few lines of simple text instead.
  • You should remove the ink cartridges when you are not going to use your printer in an extended period of time. Place them in a dry zip lock bag to prevent them from drying out.
  • If your ink cartridges do not print after an extended period of non-use, yet the ink inside is still liquid, the ink has dried out and clogged where the inks exit the cartridge. To fix it, get a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and gently stroke the surface of the cartridge where the ink is clogged. After the dried ink is removed, new ink will start to flow through the thin lines where the ink exits.
  • Use your printer frequently to prevent clogging due to dried ink. Make it a habit printing a page or two at least every couple of weeks to avoid clogging of dried ink. Do it even if  you don’t have something important to print.
  • Use the draft printing mode if you are not going to print important documents such as family photos and a proposals to your boss.. Using this mode will help you save both time and ink.
  • To save ink, use less ink-intensive fonts such as Century Gothic, Calibri, and Cambria.
  • You should review everything (grammar, spelling, layout, punctuations, etc.) before printing to make sure there are no mistakes and thus saving on wasted paper and toner.
  • You should print only necessary documents. Ask yourself: Do I need to print this?

Hope these tips help you extend the life of your HP ink cartridges. Happy printing!

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