How to Identify High Yield and Low Yield HP Toner Cartridges

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hp toner cartridgesFor printer users who own an HP LaserJet Printer at home or uses one at the office, laser toner cartridges would be a very familiar term to you. These are the printer consumables used by your HP laser printers to produce printouts. It works through the main printer’s laser component drawing an exact copy of the digital document or image on the photo-receptor drum, and distributing the toner powder from its cartridge into the paper then is melted into it as the paper passes through the printers heat rollers.

Each HP toner cartridge either OEM, compatible or remanufactured, is labeled with a specific product code for the printer users to identify which HP toner product is compatible to the HP printer model that they have. For example, the HP CB435A (HP 35A) is only compatible to LaserJet P1005 and LaserJet P1006. These labeling method is also used in separating high-yield toners from low-yield toners. High-yield toners and low-yield toners goes with different product codes but is both compatible to a certain HP printer model. Like the HP Q2612A (HP 12A) and HP Q2612X (HP 12X) compatible to LaserJet 1012 and LaserJet 1018, the first one (HP Q2612A) is a low-yield toner with a standard page capacity while the latter (HP Q2612X) is a high-yield toner with a higher printing page capacity than the former.

Other examples:

Replacement HP Toner Cartridges for LaserJet P2015 and P2727

  • HP Q7553A (HP 53A) –  standard page capacity = 3000 pages
  • HP Q7553X (HP 53X) – printing page capacity = 7000 pages

Replacement HP Toner Cartridges for LaserJet 5Si and LaserJet 8000

  • HP C3909A (HP 09A) – standard page capacity = 15,000 pages
  • HP C3909X (HP 09X) – printing page capacity = 17,100 pages
As you can see, manufacturers of replacement HP toner cartridges differentiate their low-yield HP toners and high-yield HP toner cartridges by adding an “A” or “X” at the end of the product code but remain to put the same first five characters on it. In this way, HP printer users could easily identify one from the other. Hope this information helps you the next time you decide to buy an HP toner cartridge for your LaserJet printer.
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