How to Keep Your Printer and Its Cartridges in Perfect Condition

November 15, 2010 1 Comment

cleaning printerEvery computer user would want to prolong the life of his computer and printer, especially when it has become a part of his life or job. However, there are times that technical problems happen which can cause terrible errors on such devices.

So how do you maintain these things, especially your printer that creates high quality printing? Here are some tips that you may apply.

Inkjet Printers:

1. Unplug your printer first to prevent any accidents.
2. Wipe off any ink stains using a cloth or cotton applied with water or alcohol.
3. You can try an air can to blow off the dirt.
4. Never use a vacuum cleaner for your printer.
5. Clean your ink cartridges by gently wiping it with a cloth or cotton.

Laser Printers:

1. Always unplug your device before cleaning it.
2. Remove your toner cartridges from the printer then use a “toner vacuum” to clean any toner that stained your printer.
3. Use a toner cleaning cloth to wipe your toner cartridge.
4. The only advisable material to clean the corona wire is a cotton swab. Never use vacuum on your printer.

Maintain the performance of your printer and computer by regularly cleaning its parts with the right materials. Also make sure that you take precautions before applying anything on these electronic objects. Lastly, use only the trusted inks and toners for your printer’s durability. If you wish to have more savings while getting the best prints, you can always go for compatible printer cartridges.

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