How to Make Your Compatible Ink Cartridges Print More

October 4, 2010 No Comments

ink cartridgesHaving an inkjet printer can really be expensive, but sometimes this is the best option for specific types of printing. A wise move to have savings while owning this printer is to fill it with compatible ink cartridges.

Compatible ink cartridges are made by third party manufacturers who offer high quality printer supplies at an affordable price. These printer inks are designed to match the prints made by the original inks so the printouts would actually look similar. However, when you just hate that moment when you need to get a replacement, there are a few ways to force your compatible ink cartridge to print more than usual. Here are some of those really good tips that you can try.

1. Text over Graphics

Always choose the text parts to print rather than the images since graphics consume a lot of inks especially when there are too many colors in it. Avoid printing pictures if you do not really need these.

2. Text in Black

Always use the black ink cartridge for the text parts and avoid adding colored parts since the printer would always have the tendency to mix colors consuming even the other inks that you are not supposed to use. When you set your printer to print in black only, it will only use the black ink for that case.

3. Just Print

Do not hesitate to use your printer especially when it is filled with ink cartridges. Inks are known to dry up when left alone for a long time so try to print at least once a week to keep your printer and the cartridges in good shape.

These are just some of the many ways that you can do to squeeze out all those inks in your compatible inkjet cartridges. Just be sure to print wisely and you will surely stop those printer worries in no time.

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