How to Replace the Drum Unit of Brother HL-4040CN

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images (1)Brother HL-4040CN is an affordable, color laser printer built for micro-offices or small businesses which offers its users fast printing speeds and outstanding print quality to be able to produce “high-impact color reports, brochures, and presentations right from your desktop, or, using its built-in front-panel USB Direct Interface, directly from a USB Flash Memory drive.” This is the main reason the Brother HL-4040CN is generally one of the top choices, since it doesn’t just offer quality printing but as well provide a low running cost.

But if you already own a Brother HL-4040CN laser printer then it is prudent to know how to properly take care of your printer to maintain it running smoothly and delivering your printouts as it is. That’s why for today’s article, we’re going to give you the steps on how to replace the drum unit of Brother HL-4040CN as Brother Solutions had instructed.

  • Step 1 – Turn off the power switch of your Brother HL-4040CN laser printer. Press the front cover release button and then open the front cover.
  • Step 2 – Hold the green handle of the Brother DR110CL drum unit. Lift the drum unit up and then pull it out until it stops.
  • Step 3 – Release the gray lock lever that is on the left side of the Brother HL-4040CN printer. Pull the drum unit completely out of the printer using the green handles on the drum unit.
  • Step 4 – Hold the handle of the toner cartridge and pull it out of the drum unit. Repeat this for all the Brother TN115 toner cartridges.
  • Step 5 – Unpack the new Brother DR110CL drum unit and remove the protective cover.
  • Step 6 – Hold the handle of the toner cartridge and slide the toner cartridge into the drum unit. Make sure that you match the toner cartridge color to the same color label on the drum unit, and make sure that you fold down the toner cartridge handle once the toner cartridge is in place. Repeat this for all the toner cartridges.
  • Step 7 – Put the drum unit back in the printer as follows:
    • Make sure that the gray lock lever is in the up position.
    • Put the drum unit in the printer.
    • Push down the gray lock lever.
    • Push the drum unit in until it stops.
  • Step 8 – Close the front cover. And turn on the printer power switch.
  • Step 9 – Reset the Brother HL-4040CN through following these steps:
    • Press the + or  button to choose “Machine Info”.
    • Press OK to proceed to the next menu level, and then press the + or  button to choose
      “Reset Parts Life”.
    • Press OK, and then press the + button to choose “Drum Unit”.
    • Press OK two times.

Sources: Brother Solutions

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