How to Stop the Automatic Printer Cleaning Cycle from Wasting Ink Cartridge

March 22, 2011 No Comments

printerThe new inkjet printer models nowadays are equipped with a cleaning function known as the automatic printer cleaning cycle wherein you do not have to manually do maintenance on your printing machine.

However, it has been noted that this feature consumes a lot of the ink cartridge or laser toner, therefore causing some problems if you are attempting to cut your printing costs.

Well, aside from the fact that using compatible toner cartridges and printer inks can help you gain more savings, you can you also try the option of actually stopping your printer from performing automatic printer cleaning cycle. Here’s how.

When you are about to purchase your printer, you must be sure to check on this option if it is available or not. Since you do not want to work with a machine that does this, then you might as well stick to a printer model without the automatic printer cleaning cycle function.

Another option is to go for a printer with this feature, but it should also has the option for you to control the cleaning cycle. There are printing machines that were also designed this way so it would be easy for you to manage the automatic printer cleaning cycle.

When your printer has already started doing the cleaning process, you can try going to the printer settings and checking on the tab that would allow you to cancel the task. However, this tip does not apply to other printers so it’s still best to check on the machine before buying it.

With the demand for cost effective printing and more supplies that could cut the printing costs, the giants in manufacturing printers and even the printer supply stores that sell consumables are constantly adding ways to meet the demand and need. Which is why the automatic printer cleaning cycle has been included in most recent models. However, if you feel that it would still be best for you to go for the usual printer, and then check your preference before buying. After all, all you want is to save more right?

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