How to Troubleshoot Common Canon Inkjet Cartridge Errors

February 17, 2011 No Comments

Canon Inkjet CartridgesCanon printers are known to be one of the best machines when it comes to creating colored prints, since a Canon inkjet cartridge is designed and manufactured to work properly with its printer partner. However, it cannot be denied that even the best things still have their flaws, right?

This is also applicable to any Canon inkjet printer especially when you do not have much time to properly maintain it.

So, if you experience some Canon inkjet cartridge errors, maybe you could find these troubleshooting tips helpful and reliable in your most frustrating printing moments.

Well, the most famous printer problem that occurs in any printer is the paper jam. This usually happens when you either improperly feed your printer with paper or your printer has some damaged parts, like the rollers that allow your material to enter the machine. It is best to always keep your printer clean and check the roller parts once in a while so you could replace these when needed.

Another printer error is when you get a blank page after printing. Well, this is an obvious one since the problem could be found on your ink cartridge. Be sure to always have a spare one when your printer starts giving the “Low on Ink” message to avoid interruptions in printing.

Lastly, a Canon printer might need to be updated once in a while, especially when the operating system is already out-of-date. This is actually a software error that can be fixed by loading a new driver for your printer model.

Now that you already have a quick guide on how you can fix thoseCanon printer errors, you can be sure to have a good printing relationship with your machine by applying the following tips and giving it the proper maintenance and printer supplies it requires.

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