How to Troubleshoot Compatible Toner Cartridge Problems

June 29, 2010 No Comments

fixing-printerCompatible toner cartridges are printer cartridges made by third party manufacturers that are made up of new or mostly new parts which are processed to meet or even exceed the performance of OEMs or original equipment manufacturer. The differences between the remanufactured and compatible toners are the parts being replaced. Although this will only be known if a user seeks information from the manufacturer, many are still satisfied with the quality of printing that they get from the compatible inks and toners.

Even when you may have felt that compatible cartridges can be trusted for your printing needs, there are still some instances that a few printer problems may happen. Here are the common ones and how you can troubleshoot these.

1. Poor print quality, lines or streaking, blotches or blank page

To know if your printer cartridge is the cause of having these printing problems, try placing it in another printer with a working toner cartridge. When it works on the other printer, the problem can be addressed to the first printer. However, when the cartridge acts the same on both printers, maybe it’s time for you to replace it.

2. Quality of paper

When you are using a laser printer, make sure to equip it with the right paper. Having inkjet papers on this kind of printer can cause problems on your printouts and even on the machine itself. Also check the details about a specific paper material before using it to be sure that your printer settings will be compatible with it.

3. Life span of a cartridge

Printer cartridges, whether compatible or original, are also consumables with expiration dates. If kept unopened, your cartridge can last up to 2.5 years, while when it is opened it can only be used for six months.

4. Temperature and humidity

Keep your toner cartridges away from extreme temperatures like too cold or too hot places.

5. Handle it with care

Your compatible toner needs to be handled with extra care especially the drum surface. Never touch this part with your bare hands. After using, place your empty toner cartridge in a bag and donate it to recycling programs.

So next time your HP printer or any printer model shows error messages or does not act properly with your compatible printer cartridge, you’ll know what to do.

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