HP LaserJet 3300 Printer Problems Related To HP C7115X Toner Cartridge

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There are several errors associated to printer toner cartridges, some may not be too critical while others are too serious to disregard. If only these consumables are of really low prices, there wouldn’t be a problem to replace them anytime necessary. But that’s the exact issue here why basically most users just consider troubleshooting their own units instead of breaking the bank.

To help you out, we made a short rundown of common print quality issues that any user may occasionally run through with their HP LaserJet 3300 printers that uses HP C7115X toner.

Faded and Light Prints

fadedlightIf it’s not for the wrong media type you used, one main reason that could result to such poor print quality is that the toner level is too low to produce clear prints. If you’re thinking that maybe the Econo-mode printing was set enabled which resulted to light printouts, yes it is possible. But actually if you compare two printed pages there’s a noticeable difference between one that is produced from low toner and the other one from econo-mode.

In case you just need to disable econo-mode to fix it, then it’s not necessary to remove the cartridges from the machine and check their remaining toners. If you figured that a specific toner is about to be empty, just shake it as hard as you can and put it back to the printer. This will only buy you some time, enough for you to purchase a replacement.

Smears and Loose Toners

smearlooseThere are two possible reasons why you get smears from the printer page. One, the media affects the quality of print hence it could also be the culprit. Two, the toner installed may be defective, damaged, or just dirty, likewise with the printer’s media guide. Take note of this, if the smears are mainly visible on edges of the printed page, it is the media guide you should clean.

Loose toners on the other hand, you may also consider the factors stated above when diagnosing the root cause of the problem. However, you may also take into consideration checking the fuser assembly. Generally you just have to clean those components such as the cartridge, fuser, media guide and of course the paper feed.

It is also possible that the quality of toner you’re using is somehow poor or substandard thus resulting to such print issues. If you’re using low-quality cartridges (refilled) we suggest you switch it with an OEM or a remanufactured toner instead. When cleaning the media guide and toner tray, use a lint-free cloth or better if you have the proper maintenance tools.

Scatter Toners

scatter tonerThis is not actually too serious as toner particles literally scatter on the media during printing process. Normally, small amounts are considerable, but if the scattered toners are too much that the clearness and quality of printouts are not acceptable, that’s the time you need to figure out the problem.

It could be caused by toner leaks from a damaged cartridge. Hence replacing it with a new one will do the job. Also, try using a different media type (designed specifically for laser printing) and see if the same problem persists.

Basically, these problems can be solved by simply removing the cartridge causing the error. If you’re using a monochrome printer then it would easy, but to those own color lasers they have to determine which among the four toners causes any of these problems.

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