Ideal Monochrome Laser Printers for Your Business

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tb reviewLaser printers also referred to as “laser-jet printers” are commonly used in business environments. These printers meet the requirements needed in business and offices like its fast printing speed and its capability to produce large volume of documents. When it comes to these things, there is no doubt, that laser printers excel more than inkjet printers. Though laser printers might cost you more than inkjet printers, they are more cheaper to use in the long-run due to the page-yield of its printer consumable, the laser toner cartridge. And for that reason, laser toner cartridges also called as toners are likely to last longer and provide you with more output than inkjet cartridges which need to be change often. For the same reason, business owners see laser printers as more ideal and money-wise than inkjet printers.

In the printing industry, there are basically three kinds of printers: (1) monochrome laser printers, (2) color laser printers, and (3) multifunction printers. And since businesses doesn’t typically print colored documents, most offices and organizations prefer to buy monochrome laser printer or monochrome laser multifunction printers which are cost lower than color laser printers.

And in this article, we’re going to give you a list of the most ideal monochrome laser printers for your business. These are top 5 monochrome laser printers from PC World Business Center:

  • tb reviewDell 5230dn Laser Printer – The Dell 5230dn Laser Printer is a high-performance, robust and expendable monochrome laser printers designed for large business and work groups. This laser printer speed of up to 45 ppm (pages per minute) and a maximum monthly duty cycle of 2,000 pages. It has a print resolution of up to 1200×1200 dpi (dots per inch) that produce razor sharp prints for business graphics and text. The Dell 5230dn Laser Printer is available for $587.38 and goes with the toners,  Dell 330-6990 (G310T) and Dell 330-6991 (K327T).
  • tb reviewDell 3330dn Laser Printer -The Dell 3330dn Laser Printer brings a new level of high performance monochrome printing within reach of any company, from small businesses to large organizations.  This laser printer’s speed is up to 40 ppm with a print resolution is 600×600 dpi up to 1200×1200 dpi. And this printer has a maximum monthly duty cycle of up to 80,000 pages. The Dell 3330dn Laser Printer is available for $433.50 and runs with the toner, Dell  330-5207 (U903R).
  • tb reviewDell 2350dn Laser Printer -The Dell2350dn Laser Printer offers an excellent print quality and fast performance perfect for small or medium businesses. It has a printing speed of up to 38 ppm and a robust maximum monthly duty cycle of up to 6,000 pages. It has a print resolution of up 1200×1200 dpi. This printer is available for $299.99 and goes with the toner, Dell 330-2664 (GT163).
  • tb reviewOKI Printing Solutions B710dn -The OKI Printing Solutions B710dn is the perfect printer for large enterprises with high needs of printing. Built like a tank, this has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 250,000 per month. The B710dn includes a 150-sheet multipurpose tray and a 550-sheet letter/legal tray.
  • tb review Samsung ML-3712ND – The Samsung ML-3712ND is a laser printer is a good entry-level business printer available for the low price of $249, it provides you with good performance and features suitable for your workgroup or business. This printer has a print speed of 22.2 pages per minute and also has an Ethernet and USB connection.

At, we offer exclusive supply of premium replacement toner cartridges for these ideal monochrome laser printers. We also offer exclusive remanufactured cartridges to help cut down on costs as well as reduce your environmental impact.

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