Steps to Install Samsung CLT-K409S, CLT-C409S, CLT-M409S, and CLT-Y409S in Samsung CLP-315 Printer

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Own a Samsung CLP-315 Printer? Ever got a problem when your printer ran out of toner and you don’t have an idea on how to install new toner cartridges to it. Well, fear no more, because we’re going to teach you how to install your new CLT-409 cartridges in your Samsung CLP-315 Printer with these easy steps:

How-to-Video: Install your Samsung CLT-K409S, CLT-C409S, CLT-M409S, and CLT-Y409S in your Samsung CLP-315 Printer

  • Step 1 –  Open the front panel of your Samsung CLP-315 Printer, and to remove the empty/used cartridges, pull out on the provided tabs that you can find on the left and right sides of the cartridges. Remember to take note of the correct locations of the colors.
  • Step 2 – Carefully, place the Samsung CLT-K409S black toner cartridge into its corresponding color location, roller first and do the same thing to the color toner cartridges.
  • Step 3 – Firmly close the front panel of the Samsung CLP-315 Printer and wait for the printer to initialize the new installed cartridges in it. After that, you can refresh your desktop computer and check the level of toner inside your printer. Once your done, you can now resume doing your print jobs.

TonerBoss, an online printer supplies retailer, has an extensive collection of compatible Samsung toner cartridges including compatible Samsung CLP-409 toner cartridges which are offered in a set of four for the price of $138.35: which is consisted of the Samsung CLT-K409S black toner cartridge, CLT-C409S cyan toner cartridge, CLT-M409S magenta toner cartridge and CLT-Y409S yellow toner cartridge, that you can buy separately for the sale price of $36.75.

Our compatible Samsung toner cartridges include replacement for black toners and color toners that are quality-tested to meet the standards set for OEMs and deliver the same printing page quality and capacity as the latter. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is backed up by 1 year warranty on all compatible and replacement toners and inks for your Samsung printer. Plus, we offer $4.99 Flat-Rate UPS Ground anywhere within the Continental U.S. and same day shipping if you order before 3 PM PST.

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