Keeping your Computer Cool

June 23, 2010 2 Comments

computer_on_fire_smIt is very important to keep your computer at the right temperature all the time. You may not want to have serious problems when it overheats like losing your data, destroying your computer’s internal parts, or simply killing your computer. Although computers are equipped with cooling systems, you can still experience its overheating if you do not know how to properly maintain it. Here are some tips that you can apply to avoid this situation.

1. Know your computer’s temperature.

In general, the allowable temperature for a computer’s processor to function properly is below 95ºC. You can check your PC’s temperature on the BIOS system by restarting it then check the menu that has details on the computer’s hardware monitor and CPU. You’ll see the list of temperatures on that part. There are also downloadable monitoring tools that you can use if you do not want to try the BIOS. Just make sure that you get the one which is compatible to your desktop.

2. Always clean your computer.

Everything inside the computer is very fragile so make sure to keep it clean by using a damp cloth or a can of compressed air. Dust can cause overheating since it is an insulator that attracts the heat. If a computer part is covered with dust, chances are the temperature of that part is higher than the others.

3. Place your computer at the right place.

This is an obvious one. Make sure to put your personal computer on the spot that does not have any heat or high temperature devices around. One example can be the stove or the fireplace. Avoid those places to keep your computer’s system in good shape.

4. It is overheating, what do I do?!

Do not detach the case of your computer. Just turn it off then let it cool down. You can try to upgrade your BIOS system or add some cooling systems to it. Also check your fans and heat sinks if there are damages so you can replace these right away. If you are hesitant to do these things by yourself, you can always seek the help of computer services.

It has always been said that prevention is better than cure so know how to maintain your computer properly to avoid problems like overheating. Also, update your other computer accessories like its printer to keep a good working condition.

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