Laser Printer Facts – 10 Things You Should Know About Laser Printers

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printer factsLaser printers have been in the market since the year 1969, offering businesses and offices a new printing machine that can deliver large volume of documents at an incredible speed.  These laser printers work thru its laser component drawing an exact copy of the digital processed data to the photo-receptor drum which in turn distributes the toner coming from the toner cartridge to the paper which is then bind to it as it passes through the heat rollers. Providing both efficiency, speed and quality, these laser printers have evolve to be an in-demand device used in business environment.

But though you may have encounter these type of printer everyday in the office or maybe even use one at home, are you really knowledgeable about the history and facts of these laser printers? If not, then here are 10 facts one should know about laser printers:

  1. In the year 1969, a researcher from Xerox named Gary Starkweather, invented the laser printer. A year after, he had a complete working printer and took another year to developed a fully functional networked printer system.
  2. The same as digital photocopiers, laser printers uses the same printing process known as xerography, a dry photocopying technique  also known as electrography discovered by Chester Carlson in the year 1938.
  3. The first commercial laser printer was introduced by IBM and was used to print
  4. In the year 1979, IBM first introduced its laser printer to the market known as the IBM 3800. This IBM printer can print up to 20,000 lines per minute.
  5. Hewlett Packard (HP) meanwhile released it first laser printer version in 1984 known as the LaserJet printer to the market at the price of US $3,600. This was also the first desktop laser printer in the market, featuring 300 dpi resolution.
  6. Due to the consistent demand for laser printers, Apple decided to produce their own laser printer for their Apple Computer, the Apple Laser Printer in the year 1985. And on the following year also released its developed version, the Apple LaserWriter Plus.
  7. The toner that fills your laser toner cartridges is made up of little plastic particles also known as polymers. Toner manufacturers keep the process and the formula to its creation only to themselves.
  8. The cost of laser printers may be expensive than inkjet printers, but the total on-going cost including its printer consumables and paper costs are lower.
  9. The fuser rollers heats up to 400 degrees Fareinheit to be able to bind the toner into the paper. That’s why when a toner spilled on your clothes, its more advisable to wipe it off with a dry cloth or brush. If that doesn’t work then wash it cold water since warm water will only cause it to stain.
  10. Laser printers are known to print a more accurate output than inkjet printers especially color laser printers with a printing resolution of 2400 dpi.

Interesting facts? Share them to your friends the next time you use that laser printer on your desk with them around.

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