Making Poster Printing Easier

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Poster printing (not tarpaulin printing) may be enjoyable but it can also be tedious for some people. In printing posters, a user may have to resize and fix the settings of an image or picture before it can be printed to poster-size. The user also has to plan the layout to ensure that the poster is printed correctly.

One possible way to make poster printing easy and hassle-free is to use a software that can help you manage the image more easily. Easy Poster Printer is one example of such software. It is an open-source, free software application designed for use in Windows operating software. Easy Poster Printer lets you create a poster out of an image (or images) from your files with a special ink cartridges. All you have to do is load the image (or images) to the program. The steps to follow in uploading and converting the image to a poster is basically the same as those used in similar software like Rasterbator and Block Posters. It involves three steps namely:

1. Load the photo or image to the software. The image is automatically shown in the large area on the right side of your screen. This area is divided into A4 units as indicated by the dotted lines (see the sample screen capture below). Each unit will be printed on one sheet of paper.

2. Edit the settings of the image, if needed or required. This is usually done if you want to optimize the image or to improve its quality. Easy Poster Printer offers editing features like stretching the image, changing the dimensions and measuring units, changing the color of the background, and rotating and flipping the image. You can also adjust the paper scales so that the image will fit perfectly on the sheets. Paper orientation as well as the print quality and cut lines can also be modified to suit your needs or preferences.

3. Zoom Preview and Print – Step 3 lets you preview the poster and zoom in on the details before you do the actual print. This option will also show you the quality of the print and the cut lines. If the layout and settings are already acceptable to you, then just click on the Print button to print the poster.

Easy Poster Printer supports several standard formats. It can print sizes ranging from A0 to B3. It comes with an option for the user to add his preferred settings so that the next time the user logs on and creates a new poster, his preferred settings are already there. Easy Poster Printer can yield maximum poster sizes of 20 meters x 20 meters. Those who have used this program attest that it is user-friendly and can print posters in a few minutes. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The only system requirement is Microsoft.Net Framework.

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