How to Deal with Missing or Corrupt HP Printer Driver

January 29, 2010 No Comments

To borrow a famous line from a movie, life is indeed like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’ll get. One day your printer is running fine and the next day, it wouldn’t respond. Although HP is a trusted name in the printer industry, the branding does not guarantee that you will not encounter any problems with their products one such common problem is the system cannot detect the HP Printer Driver or the system says that the printer driver has been corrupted.

There are actually three simple ways to “troubleshoot” this problem. The first technique that you can do is to check your existing HP printer driver. Is it the latest or updated version? Printers and their packages may have been manufactured and packed several months ago but they were kept on shelf for quite some time. As such, by the you purchased it, newer and more updated version of the printer driver are already available. Some of these updates may be crucial on major operating systems.

For some printer shops especially those accredited by HP, attendants will remind you upon purchasing to update the HP printer driver. You can update your HP printer driver by logging on to the HP website to see the most updated drivers for your printer model.

If you have installed your HP printer driver, updating it is quite easy. All you have to do is follow the instruction given on the HP website, click on the correct update or printer model and the updates will be installed automatically. Just always remember that when you encounter printer problems, take the software approach first. Most likely, the problem can be solved by having the latest HP printer driver installed in your computer.

If the software approach is not able to solve your problem, check the connection or communication between your printer and computer. For Mac users, check your firewire connection. Windows users may check either the USB or LPT connection, whichever is being used by your printer. One possible malfunction, in this case, is that the computer could not detect the status of your printer.

You can check your USB, LPT or firewire connection by running another hardware peripheral on it. If the port is the one malfunctioning, then switch to another port. If you don’t have an extra port anymore, unplug other peripherals that are not in use for the meantime or have the port repaired.

If these two previous techniques still do not work, try your printer on another computer. If it works, you may to reformat your computer and do a clean install. This process takes time but it can eliminate conflicts and glitches in the internal system and in the registry which may have prevented the HP printer driver from being installed.

Technically, majority of the common computer and printer problems are caused by compatibility issues. The HP printer driver should be compatible with any operating system but if you encounter some problems installing it, try the tips we have suggested here. These have been tested to work and to give a more hassle-free troubleshooting.

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