More Prints from a Photo Printer’s Compatible Inkjet Cartridge

July 23, 2010 1 Comment

photo printer printingOwning a photo printer has its advantages and disadvantages on price, maintenance, and consumables too. You may even have other factors to include if you already have one for yourself.

It can be convenient and fun to instantly print your images without having the need to drop by a photo studio. However, the main issue on using a photo printer is the consumption of inkjet cartridges, which has been considered to be really expensive until now.

Even though the price of inks continue to rise, great alternatives to save on printing costs have already been made especially by photo printer users who wish to create more prints. The most effective of all is the use of compatible inks which are less expensive but with the same printing quality. Here are also added tips to just continue printing and saving at the same time.

1. Print Preview

It has already been suggested by many to always check on the “Print Preview” mode first before printing your file or image. You can also have a clearer view if you wish to edit image’s size or color. After all, you don’t want to reprint the image if you made something wrong since you want to save on the inkjet cartridge.

2. Right Images

Decide which pictures you want to print. Select this then transfer to another folder to avoid unnecessary prints. Those pictures that you wish to keep in your computer can still be viewed by other people through file sharing or image uploading on famous social networking sites.

3. Inkjet Cartridges

Make sure that you are using the right inkjet cartridge for your printer. You can also opt for compatible printer cartridges which are really cheaper with high quality printing like the OEMs.

When you apply all these tips, you will surely save a lot on your inks and continue to print your photos without worrying about the printing expenses at all.

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