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Okidata Americas ProColor Series Printers

August 15, 2012 No Comments

okidata pro color seriesOkidata Americas had announced to join in the Business Digital 2012 Tradeshow and Conference at the Espacio Roesco Convention and Exhibition Center in Santiago, Chile happening on August 14 to 16. Oki will be exhibiting their proColorSeries of commercial grade digital color printers through Datanet, a company based on Chile that specializes in printer and printer solutions, and has been a partner of Oki for a decade. Okidata’s ProColorSeries printers are specifically built for the  graphic arts and production market, and are exhibit within booth 17C. This is one of Okidata’s step to expand their business and introduce their lines of color printers to the South American market.

The Okidata ProColor Series is a line of comprehensive high-definition color printers that provides one with innovative digital printing solution to the marketplace. The ProColorSeries printers exhibited in the said convention are OKI pro900DP Digital Envelope Press , OKI pro510DW Digital Web Press and OKI pro930 Digital Color PrinterThese three color printers are guaranteed to deliver professional and production color-output with its color accuracy powered by embedded EFI Fiery and PANTONE support:

  • OKI pro900DP Digital Envelope Press – The OKI pro900DP Digital Envelope Press delivers brilliant, consistent production color , customized and breathtaking output with its high definition printing capabilities. It also include an embedded EFI Fiery System 8e Controller with SmartRip technology for  fast, automated color workflow and document management with consistent color accuracy.
  • OKI pro510DW Digital Web Press – The OKI pro510DW Digital Web Press allows users with fast, customized continuous web printing  and easy operation  both continuous and cut sheet modes. The pro510DW is a digital label printer that delivers full–color labels and supports variable data printing. With an optional rewinder for pre-die-cut and unconverted roll label stock.
  • OKI pro930 Digital Color Printer – The OKI pro930 Digital Color Printer produces astounding color outputs and accurate color matching with its PANTONE calibration, embedded EFI Fiery controller and SmartRIP technology. This new alternative printing machine for high-quality, short run color printing has numerous data capabilities and HD color printing.

“OKI is pleased to collaborate with our South American distribution partner, Datanet, on the Business Digital 2012 Tradeshow and Conference, and showcase our innovative printing capabilities before an international audience,” said Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. “OKI’s proColor Series offers a comprehensive line of commercial grade digital color printers for the graphic arts and production industry. We look forward to demonstrating these to show attendees and expanding our footprint within the South American market.”

At, we offer a great selection of compatible black & color Okidata toner cartridges that gives you significant savings, all the while enjoying that same print quality from OEM cartridges. All our Okidata toner cartridges are backed by 1-Year-Money-Back Guarantee. Here at, we strive to provide the best value for your money: unparalleled customer service & unprecedented quality guarantee. To top it off, we offer remarkable promotional discounts that will surely maximize your savings. Start now by taking advantage of our latest promo, our Back to School Sale on Inks and Toners, and get up to 15% off on all orders $300 with coupon code 15BTS2012 or more, or 10% off orders with no minimum order amount with coupon code 10BTS2012.


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