Perfect Projects for Empty Compatible Inkjet Cartridges

August 2, 2010 No Comments

projects for cartridgesYou may have stocked some empty compatible inkjet cartridges at home and wondered how you can actually dispose all of these. Well, you do not have to really throw them away since there are endless ways to create projects using these materials.

Here are just some of those activities you can try on by yourself or with your whole family.

1. Be eco-friendly by making plant holders.

Making plant holders is simple especially if you are going to use inkjet cartridges since these containers just need some cleaning from top to bottom then punch a little hole on the bottom part. Make sure to take off the cap of the cartridge then give it to the kids and ask them to put on designs before planting their own plants. It’s enjoyable and very Earth-friendly at the same time.

2. Create toys for your pets.

This one needs a lot of cleaning up since you don’t want to harm your pets, like the hamsters or fish, when they start playing with the ink cartridges. After the cleaning part, you can go ahead and create mazes or tunnels inside the cage or aquarium. If you want to paint some parts, make sure to use harmless paints then have your kids join you for added fun.

There are actually a lot of ways to turn used compatible printer inks into things you never thought you can create as long as you keep your imagination and creativity flowing. Otherwise, you may opt to donate these in stores with recycling program to contribute more to the environment.

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