Some Tips to Boost Your Printer Cartridge Recycling Program

December 22, 2009 No Comments

No matter how popular environment-related advocacy are, setting up your own printer cartridge recycling program is not very easy. You still have to apply certain marketing techniques to introduce it to your community. It is also advisable to get the support of your employees, people in your community, suppliers, other partners and known personalities to help create a name for your program.

Here are some tips on how to boost your printer cartridge recycling program:

  • Do an email blast. Send an email to the people (especially important ones) in your email address book. Explain the program objectives and mechanics.
  • If possible, send a monthly newsletter to keep people or members updated on the latest happenings in your program. Include a brief message in every newsletter. You may also create or include short message or quotation related to the program in your email signature.
  • Have leaflets and other forms of ads ready in your headquarters or office so visitors can bring them home or go over them later on.
  • Create a webpage of campaign site for your program. This is an important and efficient online tool that will allow you to reach out to wider audiences.
  • Take advantage of companies’ corporate social responsibility. Talk to them for a possible partnership on one of your activities or if they could accommodate your recycling bags and containers in their establishments. This will be beneficial not only for you but also for their business since this will allow them to support a good cause and help other people.
  • Put up posters or notices in popular spots like the community bulletin to announce or introduce your program.
  • Have collection boxes or small containers ready so that other organization members or community members can bring it home or to work.
  • Have a “prize” or any form recognition ready for the person who has contributed the most to your cartridge recycling program.
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