Printing A Resume With Laser Printer

June 21, 2011 2 Comments
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The job market still feel the impact of the recession that finding job these days is not as simple as it once was. There are too many applicants for few available jobs and there are more applicants with advance degrees and higher qualifications. The competition in the job market is very stiff that fresh graduates are having a hard time finding a decent job to start their career with. Millions of fresh graduates join the job market each year but there are inadequate jobs available for them. If you are among these fresh graduates who are actively seeking job right now, there are ways that you can do to compete with your fellow applicants. You can use one of the most powerful tool in job hunting to your advantage – the resume.

The resume is that little slip of paper that a potential employer sees. If your resume catches the attention of the employer, the greater is your chance to be interviewed or maybe hired. Although you can make your online resume for online job applications, most employers require you to bring a printed resume when you are invited for interview. If you are a walk-in applicant, your resume is the first thing they look at. Your resume is the first impression of you so you have to make it good, and the best way to make it look professional is by using a laser printer.

When printing resume, the best choice is a laser printer because it fuses the toner to the page creating a bond on the paper that will last and will not easily smudge or fade. Of course, you don’t want your resume to have smudges or fading words because it will give the employer a bad impression about you. Remember that your resume is an extension of you, so you should make it very good. You should also use high quality bond paper to further enhance the appearance of your resume.

If you are in a tight budget, you don’t need to buy the expensive OEM cartridges because you can buy the more affordable compatible toner cartridges. With comparable print quality, compatible toners will help you save by as much as 50%. TonerBoss is one of the best online stores that sell compatible toners such as HP toners, Samsung toners, Lexmark toners, Okidata toners, Konica toners, and Xerox toners.

Besides ensuring the print quality of your resume, follow these resume tips to help you land the job you desire. Good luck!

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