Properly Refilling Brother Inkjet Cartridges

August 17, 2010 No Comments

refilling inkRefilling Brother inkjet cartridges is not a common trend nowadays that compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges have become available.

However, there are still those who consider this relatively cheap alternative for replacing inkjet cartridges since buying original ones can really cause too much pain on savings. If you are one of those who wish to try refilling Brother printer inks, here are the proper steps to avoid any problems since this is your first time to do it.

1. Since we do not want to cause mess on your workplace, you should put an absorbent material, like any clean cloth, first on the place where you will refill your cartridge.

2. Extract ink by using a syringe then after doing so; replace the needle part with a cone shaped adaptor which you will use to transfer the ink on your cartridge.

3. Search for the hole where the ink goes when you are printing then turn it upside down so that the hole is facing you.

4. Carefully inject the ink from the syringe to the cartridge until the ink pours out of the hole and does not look foamy.

5. Let your cartridge rest for around ten minutes then place it back to your printer. You can cover the holes with electrical tape first then remove it when you are about to install it in your printing machine.

So, these are the basic ways to actually refill a Brother inkjet cartridge. However, I’d still advice that you use a compatible Brother ink instead of refilling since this third party product is professionally built to meet the OEM standards.

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