Remove and Shake Black or Color Cartridges with HP LaserJet CP6015

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Remove and Shake Black or Color Cartridges with HP LaserJet CP6015 RemShake

One unusual toner cartridge error that any laser printer user would probably encounter with their unit is the so called Remove and Shake error message. It is technically referred to with the code 10.91.00 or 10.91.99 alternatively.

What causes this Remove and Shake error?

Basically it rarely occurs, since it can only be triggered right after a replacement HP-824A toner has been installed. However, it may also appear randomly after any certain actions you made with the printer prior to the errors appearance.

It will stay in your machine’s screen display even after removing and resetting new cartridges. What mainly causes this problem is the so called toner contamination. It occurs inside the printer specifically right in the area where the two consumable items are installed.

To explain it further, when the connection between the toner and drum through the toner gates is not properly established, the synchronization will not be executed properly. If either of the toner or drum has broken parts it may lead to such error. Likewise, when the toner gates from these two consumables are in the open position, it will result to incorrect synchronization.

What to do to fix the error?Drum_Toner_Remove

The first thing you need to do is to remove the cartridges and drum unit out of the printer. Then inspect each of them carefully for any broken parts, dents or damaged areas. But wait, you have to turn the printer OFF before doing this, sorry if it’s a late reminder. Anyway, proceed on the next step.

To get the cartridges, open the front cover and pull each of them out their slot then place them upside down on a flat surface. Now these are the parts you need to check:

  • Two white gears at one end
  • Release lever
  • Actuator pins
  • Shutter (may or may not be present depending on the toner model)tonergates

See if the parts listed above are all functioning properly, no broken spots, dirty areas or unable to move components. If you figured there are broken parts on the cartridge, replace it and continue with the process.

We’ll now focus on the toner gates. As mentioned earlier, a shutter which covers the gate may or may not be present, but it’s not that important since what we’re about to check are the toner gates. The correct position of the gates should be closed when out of the printer.


If the gate is in its open position, here’s what you should do. Push and hold the lever up while the white knob counter-clockwise. Release the lever and see if the gate changed to its closed position.

Do the same steps for all the four drum units. Checking the broken parts and position of the gates, then change or replace anything that is necessary to be changed or replaced.

Now in order to avoid any additional issues you must clean all the cartridges and drum units for any excess toner. You may use a vacuum but make sure it is an ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe toner vacuum. If you’re not confident doing it all by yourself with a vacuum, then you may just use lint free cloth instead. Additionally, you also need to clean the areas of the printer inside where toners are scattered especially on parts where the drum and cartridges are placed.

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