Remove Shipping Lock Error from HP CC530A Toner

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Today in this post, we’ll be discussing another printer problem commonly referred to as “Remove Shipping Lock” error. It seems that it is something that mostly HP LaserJet printer users encounter after changing their machine’s consumable item particularly the toner cartridge. A combination of possible solutions will be provided below for your guys to try it out on your printer.

What could cause the error to appear?

When replacing the empty HP CC530A toner cartridges of your machine with new ones, it can trigger this error and will constantly appear on the control panel until it gets fixed. But take note that not every time you install a new replacement you will encounter this, that’s sort of impossible. Although it’s kind of unusual that such problem has been around since 2008 and yet until now, many are still experiencing it.

Mainly, the “Remove Shipping Lock” error literally indicates that the shipping lock from the cartridge was not removed before installing it into the machine. There are two possible reasons to consider: it’s either you forgot to take it off or worst the printer’s DC-Controller is defective.

Solutions that would work.

First Solution:Shipping Lock

We’ll start with the very basic. Remove the cartridges you just installed, even the ones that you didn’t replace. Inspect each of them and see if the orange shipping tapes are still present. Also, remove the sealing tape inside the cartridge through the pull-out orange tab found at either end.

Re-install the cartridges back inside the printer, and then restart the unit to see if the problem has been fixed.

Second Solution:

Take the cartridge that caused the error out of the machine and swap it with a different color.  It’s as simple as putting the wrong color of toner on a different slot. Close the front cover and let the printer detect that a toner is in the wrong slot. Restart the unit, open the cover and then put the toner back to their proper slot. Close the front cover and allow the machine to recalibrate and see if worked.

Third Solution:

This one is very simple, just turn the unit off, open the front door and take out all the cartridges inside. Then turn it back on, again open the door, but this time you have to install one cartridge color at a time. Close it and repeat the process until all the four toners are properly installed. It needs patience but worth to try.

Fourth Solution:

It’s an easy technique that you can perform without any prior knowledge to printer troubleshooting. Open the toner tray and check the cartridge that causes the error, from its right side see if there’s a white lever and a black arm locking the toner. Try to push the lever, and if the black arm doesn’t move upward, the only thing to do is replace the damaged cartridge.

If both are properly working, before putting the cartridges back inside the printer, give them a nice shake. Remove each from their slot and rock them left-right, up-down or both.

If the above solutions didn’t work for your printer, probably the unit itself has the problem and not the supplies. Other users have resorted to returning their unit back to HP or to their seller to further inspect the status of the printer.

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